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Cotton clothes, ventilated shoes, trekking boots, various anti-mosquito sprays or cream, any solar protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, fabrics), aftersun product, sun hat, adaptators for english electric plug (standard square three-pin). If you are planning an evening out (casinos, restaurants) think about packing appropriate evening clothes, a torch and even a reflective armband if you intend walking at night. Divers: Bring your flippers and masks.

Should you have health issues and require medication do bring with you your personal medicine as well as your doctor’s prescription in your hand luggage during your flight to Seychelles.
- a little bag of medicine /first aid is advised (aspirins, antiseptic spray, antihistamin, some simple dressings for any small cuts as well as insect repellant spray, sea sick tablets if you are prone to sea sickness or other forms of transport sickness).

The sun can be intense in Seychelles, so please use adequate protection, also drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.

You are strongly advised to store your cameras, and other electronic items in a sealed bag/container so as to prevent potential salt spray/saltwater damage. It is a good precaution to carry cleaning materials for your equipment as well as UV filters especially at certain times of the year when the sea is rough. Be careful when taking photos from the boat when the swell is big as your cameras may suffer from a splash of seawater.

More and more foreign photographers come to Seychelles and propose their services to tourists without a work permit. Please bear in mind that it is illegal to work without a valid work permit. It is also an offense to commission or employ them to work and this could lead to further legal sanctions.

If you wish to take photos within the Vallée de Mai in your wedding clothes, you need to pay the entrance fee and your photographer or agency needs to seek permission from the body managing the Vallée de Mai, the SIF (Seychelles Island Fondation) at least a week before the day of the shoot.
For the more spontaneous, Fond Ferdinand offers a very similar landscape and context for your honeymoon photos. Entrance fee scr 125/ pers. and a day’s notice is all that is needed, tel + 248 423 76 13.


Before deciding with whom to book an excursion with, please be clear about details of the whole day, the type of boat used, the planning of the day, timing, life jackets, meal, drinks, activities, entrance fees, time spent on each island...

Tipping is discretionary, although all bills have a 5-10 % sevice charge added as well as 15% VAT.

It is not advisable to visit La Digue on a day trip only .There are so many beautiful spots to visit and so many interesting people to meet that Seyguide recommends that you spend a few days at least on this magnificient island regarless your length of stay in Seychelles.


Red coconuts are widespread and available in the Seychelles. On the beach you may encounter a reseller and be offered to purchase some for refreshment at a very high price. Please do not over pay beach sellers.

The sale of the Coco De Mer is controlled and you should insist on a certificate when you purchase such a nut.

The sale of alcohol is regulated, from 11:30 am to 9:00pm Monday to Thursday, 11:30 am to 11:30 pm on Fridays, Saturdays 0830 am to 11:00 pm and Sundays 8:30 am to 9:00 pm. Public holidays are considered as Sundays. No alcohol is sold on election day although tourists can consume alcohol in their respective establishments. The age limit is 18 for buyingalcohol.

MAHE: the main market in Victoria or from numerous stalls selling vegetables and fish by the roadside.
PRASLIN: there are two main local markets on the island: in Grande Anse and in Baie Ste Anne (opposite the Community Center) where youcan find various stalls selling local product,.Early morning is always best if you are looking for fresh local foods. You will also find fish in Grande Anse next to Villa des Alizés: « The Sea Food Shop » or in Baie Ste Anne opposite Coco Rouge : « Fishmonger ». For those of you who crave for «blood pudding » (boudin) do not miss the stall in front of Barclays Bank every Saturday
morning. The best on the island.
LA DIGUE: here too there are roadside stalls selling local produce and a fish market is under construction at La Passe.

Driving is on the left in Seychelles. Take care about cars stopping without warning. Seat belts need to be worn. When walking, whenever possible, do so in singlef ile facing the traffic. Few roads have street lighting, so carry a torch or luminous armband.

Please respect private properties. Be careful not to cut wood, branches or take coconuts or avocadoes or other fruit from peoples’ gardens without asking for permission first.


Please check your change when given. When going to the beach or on excursion, do not carry valuables, documents or large sums of money. It is advisable not to leave valuables in the car either or close to windows in your hotel. Do not leave personal belongings unattended. Use the safe in your hotel room. Seyguide advises against solitary walks in the forest or even swimming in isolated areas. Do not use taxis or taxi boats that do not have a proper license, as you would not be covered in case of accidents.
Whatever travel package that you are travelling on, Seyguide strongly advises you to ask for the price of the fare so as to avoid any surprises at the end of your trip.
Seyguide also advises to avoid paying upfront for anything and not to buy services from people on the street.

The use of illegal drugs is completely forbidden in Seychelles. Use or possession can lead to important legal sanctions.


The introduction of plants or animals without declaring them is illegal. It also poses a threat to the local environment in terms of flora or fauna and can cause irreversible damage and upset the natural equilibrium. Please seek advice, National Biosecurity Agency Bel Air Complex, Revolution Avenue, P.O. Box 464, Victoria, Mahe Tel (248) 432 40 00, or

There are just a few litter boxes on the streets but you will find large green bins in many places. Please put your rubbish in bags before discarding them in these bins. The locals will appreciate your effort in keeping Seychelles clean.