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851   - First mention of Seychelles islands in arab documents.
1502 - The portuguese Vasco de Gama discovers islands on the route to India. He called them « Amirantes islands.», corresponding today to the granitic part of the Seychelles islands.
1609 - First description of the Seychelles shores by an englishman named John Jourdan on board a british
vessel called Ascension, long before the first settlement.
1742 - 1st French expedition to Mahe by Lazare Picault sent by the then governor of L’Ile de France, Mahe de Labourdonnais. In the following year, he disembarked on Praslin which he called Iles des Palmes.
1756 - France officially takes possession of the islands, renaming them Séchelles in honour of the Financial Controller of Louis XV, Moreau des Séchelles.
1768 - L’Ile des Palmes renamed Ile de Praslin, in honour of Minister of the Navy, Gabriel de Choiseul, Duc de Praslin..
1770 - First french settlement on St. Anne island. Pierre Poivre establishes a Spice Garden on Mahe called Les Jardins du Roi.
1778 - Settlement established on Mahe, called L’Etablissement du Roi

1794 - Quéau de Quinssy, the governor of the islands, capitulates to the British.
1811 - A British administrator comes to the islands, but Q de Quinssy retains his influence.
1814 - The Seychelles officially declared a British colony by the Treaty of Paris, and the islands become a dependency of their Mauritius colony.
1825 - Seychelles population is about 7000 personns
1835 - Abolition of slavery.
1841 - Etablissement du Roi renamed Victoria.
1861- Arrival of the first freed slaves..
1862 - Victoria is devastated by a massive landslide and the economic repercussions of the abolition of slaves begin to be felt.
1903 - Seychelles become an independent colony no longer under the control of Mauritius.
1939 - The Seychelles Rupee is created.
1948 -1st Constitution is legalised and an electoral system is set up.
1964 - First political parties founded: SPUP of France Albert Rene, canvassing for independence, et the SDP of James Mancham, wanting integration with Britain.
1971 - Opening of the International airport.
1975 - Seychelles becomes an autonomous colony and gain Independence from Britain.

1976 - Seychelles achieved independence (29th June) and became a republic but remained within the Commonweath, the first president being J. R. Mancham.
1977 - Albert René, then Prime Minister overthrows the government, forms the SPPF to replace the SPUP.
1979 - Seychelles declares itself a socialist republic under a one party rule. A new Constitution comes into force.
1993 - Return to the multiparty system.F.A. René wins the 1st democratic elections and introduces a new Constitution.
2001 - F. A. René is re-elected as President (54%).
2004 - F. A. René retires and transfers the Presidency to James Alix Michel.
2006 - J.A. Michel wins the elections (53.7%)
2011 & 2015 - James A. Michel is re-elected.
2016 - For the 1st time since the return to multiparty politics, the opposition party or LDS led by R.Mancienne and W.Ramkalawan won a majority in the parliamentary elections. A few weeks later, J.M. Michel hands in his resignation. D.Faure the vice president is named to take over the presidency.
2017 - J. R. Mancham, first president, passes away.