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LEISURE    -    Nature Sites


Entrance fee: 350 / pers. Free for child under 12.
Open every day from 08:30 to 16:30.
Closed on 25th December & 1st January.
Free guided tour 7/7: 09h00 & 14h00.
Official guides at the entrance:
- 60 € / group 1 to 5 persons.
- 10 € / pers. 6 to 10 persons.
- 100 SCR / pers. for groups of 10 and more.
Trails offered 1, 1.7 and 2 Km, lasting from 45minutes to 2 hours.
Vallee de Mai is a nature reserve listed as Unesco World Heritage site in 1983. This primary forest spreads on a 20 hectares. The 3 main criss-cross paths will bring you in the center of a unique eco system where many endemic species both animal ( Black Parrot, Dutch Pigeons, Sunbird, geckos, chameleons, snails...) and vegetal (palms, Vacoas, Pandamus, ferns, Orchids) live.
The forest is a shelter for the famous Coco de Mer often named coco fesses. It is an endemic and very rare palm that grows naturally on Praslin and Curieuse island. It’s growth is very slow and it takes 20 to 25 years before baring it’s first fruit. Only the female tree produces thenut, the largest in the world (15 to 25kg). Sales and exploitation.
Entrance fee: 125 SCR /pers.. Free for child under 12. Open everyday.
Visit with guide only: free 3 times a day, walking time 1h30-2h (09h30, 11h30 & 13h30) free lance walk tour guide
There are many trails lasting from 2 to 4 hours (highest point of view 250m, superbe view).The excursion start from Anse Marie Louise on a large path leading to the ticket office at the base of the mountain.
The various trecks are generally easy and cross rich vegetated zones full of endemic species.
Free and accessible to all. Just about 200 meters from the Vallee de Mai entrance (opposite the bus stop), this short trail of 1 kilometer awaits you all. If you are lucky you will see some Blue Pigeons (pizon olande in creol).
The trail is wide but sometine a bit sharp. It goes through a clearing leading to a viewing tower where on a clear day you can even see Denis and Bird island.
Free and accessible to all.
The trail starts from Pasquère on the North East coast and crosses the island through the plaine hollandaise to Grande Anse (about 1 hour walk)
Very nice walk with beautifull views of Curieuse and rich in vegetation.
Just behind Cote d’Or, this short trail bring you to a small typical seychellois village.
Do not miss this unique village where locals are so inviting. They will inevitably talk about life on the island of Praslin.
CURIEUSE ISLAND is involved in the protection of giant land tortoises and they roam freely at Baie Laraie. From there, a trail leads through the mangroves and over the hill to the other side of the island to a magnificent beach called Anse Jose.
Entrance fee: 200 SCR. Free for child under 12.

COUSIN ISLAND is a nature reserve since 1975 and is a bird watcher’s paradise. A guided tour lasts about 2 hrs.
E ntrance fee:500 SCR. Free for child under 12.
. ANSE BOUDIN - On the North West side of the island, facing Curieuse, it is a long and fine sandy beach bordered by coconut trees and is on the coastal road leading to Anse Lazio.

. ANSE CONSOLATION - Situated on the southernmost tip of the island, it is a small beach with a lot of coral. However the scenery has
something magical about it.

. ANSE GEORGETTE - Considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Seychelles bordered with huge granite boulders. Swimming can be difficult at certain times of the year because of big waves. Access is by boat, by a trail from Anse Lazio which takes about 1 1⁄2 hrs or through the Lemuria Hotel but permission has to be sought from the hotel.

. ANSE GOUVERNEMENT - Situated at the very end of Cote d’Or beach, it is a lovely little bay with calm and clear crystalline waters.

. ANSE KERLAN / PETITE ANSE KERLAN - These two beaches are within the grounds of the Lemuria Hotel and offer a nice relaxed setting.

. ANSE LA BLAGUE - Situated at North East tip of the island, it is the most untouched and natural part of the island.

. ANSE LA FARINE - As its name indicates, this beach has powder like fine white sand but is only accessible by boat.

. ANSE LAZIO - At the northern tip of the island, it is the most famous beach of the Seychellesand considered one of the most beautiful
beaches in the world. It is bordered with big Takamaka and coconut trees, and huge granite boulders frame the clear turquoise sea. In some periods of the year waves come crashing onto the beach. When it is calm, Anse Lazio is a great beach for swimming and some snorkeling.

. ANSE MARIE-LOUISE - Situated on the South East of Prasin, it offers a panoramic view of the ocean and of Mahe in the distance.

. ANSE MATELOT - A small cove of white sand near Anse Governement, reachable only by boat.

. ANSE PETIT COUR - Granite boulders frame this lovely little white sandy beach with calm turquoise sea. It is accessible only by boat or through the hotel le Domaine de la Reserve.

. ANSE POSSESSION - This beach is situated on the north coast of Praslin and it was named by Capt Marc-Joseph Marion-Dufresne after the king of France (1768) when the French officially took possession of the islands. It is a lovely bay bordered with takamaka trees, the sea is calm and shallow and rich in marine life.

. ANSE TAKAMAKA - Granite rocks divide this beach up into little coves shaded by casuarina and takamaka trees. The beach is part of Curieuse Marine National Park. There are 2 other Anse Takamakas on Praslin, one near St Sauveur and the other near Anse Madge.

. ANSE VOLBERT / CÔTE D’OR - Situated on the north coast, this 3 km long beach is the main tourist beach of Praslin. It is a hive of activity with restaurants, boutiques, hotels. The sea is always calm and it is ideal for a relaxing swim and there are watersports facilities at the beach eg canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving. The tiny island of Chauve Souris is a 10 min swim from the beach and it takesabout 30 mins to swim around the island.

. GRAND ANSE - This beach is on the South West coast of Praslin near the airport and borders the largest bay of the island. The sea is
generally calm and shallow.